Personal projects and creative endeavors

For as long as I can remember I've had an interest in science fiction and fantastic stories. Ideas and stories that have percolated on my mental back burner. Some are abandoned, others have morphed into new ideas. One story in particular has persisted and I've taken small steps towards creating something worthy of seeing the light of day. While this post won't delve into too many details of that story, I'm going to try to make this the first of many glimpses into what I've been working on. Ideally, this will serve as an additional motivator to keep producing towards something I can be proud of. 

The name of this project?

LW LogoI don't want to go into too much detail other than to say that the story is broad and complex. As I continue to work on fleshing out the story, it's possible that this title will change, but for now, I'm working with this one.


Every good story needs characters. And this one has it's share of conflicted, enteraining or dangerous characters. So who are our main characters?

Silas SmytheSilas Smythe: A hardworking and dependable character. He and his team of privately funded military personnel known as The Sentinels walk a fine line between heroism and being vigilantes. Money is always the bottom line, but Silas knows that how the public views his team is just as important, if not moreso, to the long term wellbeing of the group.


Lily ClemensLily Clemensen: The yin to Silas' yang. She is also a member of The Sentinels, though she regards herself as the defacto team leader. No one else on the team would dare to question her. She can swing between being a team player and a bit of a rogue. She regards The Sentinels as her extended family. The tragic loss of her team is the beginning of Lily's fall as she becomes the main protagonist for the story.


Damani ChisholmDamani Chisolm: Damani is a wild spirit with a heart of gold. Though her first encounter with Silas is in physical combat, she eventually comes around and joins Silas in his quest to uncover his the truth about his forgotten past and its implications for their future and the future of all of mankind. Though Damani doesn't speak openly about her past, she has her share of tragedies and mysteries that will unfold as the story proceeds. For someone that has been through the pain that she has been, she is amazingly well adjusted... or maybe that's just a front.

Nadia KassabNadia Kassab: Though Nadia's appearance in the story is brief, her influence on Silas is profound after he awakens in the middle east with no recollection of his past. The daughter of a retired member of the Mukhabarat, she trains Silas to fight and to protect himself. She also helps him start uncovering his past so that he can confront the forces that are steering his path. Most importantly, she reminds Silas to cling to his humanity and reminds him to stay morally centerered.

There is still more work to be done and more story to be fleshed out. But these are the opening notes to a tale that I hope I'm fortunate enough to breath life into.


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